Compliant Cloud Call Recording

MiFiD II compliant PSTN call recording that is service independent. Works with Microsoft Teams, Webex Calling or any environment connected through our SIP Trunks. 

Why is call recording so important?

Why is call recording so important?

Many businesses require calls to be recorded for compliance or regulatory purposes. Some just require is for quality and training purposes and see it as a valuable tool to monitor call quality, protect your company, and identify problem areas where you can enhance business performance.

Options for call recording

Traditionally call recording was enabled via integrations with on premise equipment such as PBX’s and passive tapping on phone lines. The evolution of cloud services such as Microsoft Teams has transformed the demands on recording with solutions now required to record many different modalities such as video, IM and on net peer to peer calls. A whole new breed of solutions have emerged to cater for this requirement which is outside of the PSTN. Examples for Microsoft Teams can be found here.

Options For Call Recording

Callroutes focus is the traditional PSTN making it ideal for organisations that just need a simple, compliant and cost-effective method to records calls made to and from regular phone numbers.

How Do I Record Calls Using Callroute?

How do I record calls using Callroute?

Every PSTN telephone call that Callroute handles are recorded assuming the subscription is the Professional package or above. Recordings are then available for playback or download instantly via the Callroute portal. Users can search for recordings based a variety of criteria. 


All recordings are stored securely in our cloud and are encrypted at rest. All transmissions of call recording are encrypted end to end and audited. Recordings are stored utilising Write Once Read Many (WORM) enforcing standards with compliance. Callroute also supports storage in specific geographical regions for purposes of data sovereignty. Please contact Sales for more details.

Callroute will store the calls for as long as a valid subscription is in place. 

All call recordings can be played back or downloaded from the reporting section of the Callroute portal.

Natively no. However, Callroute has partnerships with specialist providers whereby such functionality can be made available. Please contact us for more details. 

All call recordings are available for download from the Callroute portal.  For a bulk export of call recordings prior to leaving the service, please contact us.

Call recordings within one central platform

Simple, compliant and cost-effective call recordings accessible directly from the Callroute portal.

*No card required

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