Call Recording

Service independent compliance call recording. Record calls no matter what service your agents use. Microsoft Teams, Webex or PBX.

Call recording for your PBX

Targeted Recording

Call recording is a bolt-on licence to Callroute. This allows you to only record calls for users that require it.

Our service independent recording solution will only record calls made or received from outside of your business, leaving internal communications unmonitored.

Call recording features

Per User

Recording enabled on a per-user basis. Only record conversations that matter

Cloud Storage

Recordings are stored ina secure cloud with access controls.

Instant Access

Retain instant access to recordings for 12 months as standard


Retain your recordings indefinitely using cost effective cold storage. Access recordings when needed


Listen to recordings directly from the Callroute portal


Compliant recording to MiFID II standards

Call recording features FAQs

Where are call recordings stored?

All recordings are stored securely in our UK datacentre and are encrypted at rest.

All transmissions of  recordings are encrypted end to end and audited.

Recordings are stored utilising Write Once Read Many (WORM) enforcing standards with compliance.

Recording can also be stored in a customer nominated location for data sovereignty purposes if required.

Is your call recording PCI DSS Compliant?

No. Our standard recording is not yet compliant with PCI DSS. However, we can offer alternative recording solutions that are compatible with Callroute and also PCI DSS compliant. Please contact your partner to discuss further.

Are there any storage limits?

There are no storage limits applied to call recordings. However, our standard policy is to retain recordings for a period of 12 months. After which they will be deleted unless you purchase additional archive services.

How do I retrieve call recordings?

Call recordings can be accessed via the reporting section of your Callroute portal. They can be listened to in-browser or downloaded. Download can be prevented if this is required for additional security.

Do I need any additional licences?

Call recording is an add-on per-user licence. This is the only licence you need. You do not need to purchase any additional licences on your PBX system, Microsoft Teams, Webex etc.

Does your call recording inform the caller the call is being recorded?

Currently there is no pre-answering warning message played when a call is being recorded. The call will be silently recorded and your agent should declare the call is being recorded as part of their introduction.

Can a user pause a recording?

No. Once the call recording licence is applied to the user, all their calls made through Callroute are recorded. There is no option for the caller or the user to selectively pause or stop the recording from taking place.

Intermittent Microsoft Teams calling issues reported globally. This issue appears to be affecting all Microsoft customers worldwide. Microsoft are currently investigating the issue. All Callroute systems are fully operational. More information will be provided as soon as possible.