Call Quality Delivered As Standard

Enjoy HD call quality that your business can rely on. Clear connection without interference or delays.

call quality

PSTN-grade call quality

Superior customer experience requires enterprise level call quality and reliabilty. Callroute extends Teams calling out to the PSTN to enable high quality calls.

Reliably provide a great call experience

You can make calls with the highest quality and security, no matter the location. And you can do so using all the familiar market-leading features of Microsoft Teams.

call quality

How it works

You need Microsoft Teams and Phone System - that's it. Every channel you enable with Callroute is provided by us - that's how we make the process so easy and let you start for free.

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See the number of channels, look at trends over time, usage by location, and get an overview of other Teams activity.

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Review and sort your phone numbers. Look at location, type, active status, and more. Buy new numbers from the same screen.

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See monthly, quarterly or annual reports, balance histories, latest payments and invoices, along with cost trend analysis.

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We provide the clear telephony data you need to combine that with additional data sets to understand how your entire system is working.


How is the feature enabled?

You sign up for Callroute and it comes with the service — that's all you need.

What measures indicate quality?

Microsoft provides five individual metrics.

  • Audio degradation average
  • Round trip
  • Packet loss rate
  • Jitter
  • Ratio concealed samples avg

If any of these metrics fall outside of a predetermined threshold value, the audio stream is determined to be suffering from poor quality.

What version of Teams do I need?

To integrate Callroute with Teams you need a Microsoft Phone System licence. This comes standard as part of E5 and Business Voice. For other users, Phone System can be purchased independently. You can see how these plans relate to each other in the diagram below.

Microsoft Teams Calling - License Diagram

Clear connection without interference

Call quality means better conversations, and is one of the most important factors rated by our customers. Get started today.

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