Delivering Superior Call Quality

Enjoy superior PSTN call quality that your business can rely on. Clear connection without interference or delays.

call quality

Call quality to rely on

Superior customer experience requires enterprise level call quality and reliability
  • Extensive tooling to monitor our underlying network
  • Prioritize routing calls based on available quality metrics
  • Best in class methodology for applications like Direct Routing
  • Use of adaptive voice codecs like SILK for calls that traverse the internet

Reliably provide a great call experience

You can make calls with the highest quality and security, no matter the location. And you can do so using all the familiar market-leading platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Webex Calling, Genesys or a simple PBX at the end of a SIP Trunk.
call quality


  • Audio degradation average
  • Round trip
  • Packet loss rate
  • Jitter
  • Ratio concealed samples avg

If any of these metrics fall outside of a predetermined threshold value, the audio stream is determined to be suffering from poor quality.

A codec is used to digitize voice and send it across an IP network (i.e. the internet). SILK is a variant that is very tolerant to inferior quality networks and delivers the best possible quality.

Generally speaking, no. The traditional PSTN is yet to catch up when compared to on net calling within platforms like Microsoft Teams. If you call a regular phone number from Teams the quality will default to standard definition given it enters the regular phone network.

Clear connection without interference

Call quality means better conversations, and is one of the most important factors rated by our customers. Get started today.

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