Integrated PSTN Calling in Minutes

Sidestep complexity and backend configurations with Callroute's automated integration.

Adding a Service Is Easy

Adding a service is easy

Callroute has automated the service on-boarding process so you can sign up and be making calls in a matter of minutes. Your business can discover the benefits of Callroute in a few clicks. Get started today.

  • No PowerShell or scripting experience required
  • Full end to end automation

Go live in minutes

Whether you want to test us out on a control group or deploy a long-term remote working solution quickly, our self-serve portal guides you through the process so you can enjoy integrated PSTN calling in minutes.

Concerned you lack telephony knowledge? Our self-serve integration guides you every step of the way. If you require more assistance with getting started, our customer support team will be happy to help.

Go Live In Minutes

PSTN calling in minutes

Unlike other providers, we aren’t connecting your service environment to another third-party. As the PSTN carrier, we are able to pre-configure a whole range of backend choices — accelerating the process and delivering more reliable outcomes. Get started free with 250 monthly minutes.

Integrate In Minutes

How it works

Integrate with your chosen service in minutes using the Callroute self service portal.

Step 1

Sign up

Sign up in the Callroute portal.

Step 2

Add service

Select which Callroute service you’d like to integrate with. Follow the steps in the onboarding wizard. 

Step 3

Assign numbers

Assign your telephone numbers to a service to make a test call. 


Find out the Microsoft licences you need for to get started with Direct Routing by using our simple guide. 

Contact us to find out what licences you need to integrate with Webex Calling and how we can help.

Typical deployments require PowerShell scripting as part of the provisioning process and manual intervention from the provider. Callroute abstracts all this from the user which speeds up and simplifies the process. All we require is for the user to grant read and write access to the Microsoft tenant by signing into their Microsoft environment as part of the on-boarding process.

The provisioning process depends on the Microsoft backend processing time. However, as a guide under normal load we expect the end-to-end process to take 5–10 minutes. 

Callroute removes the need to manually input scripts or set up via an engineered solution with our autoconfigured technology. This removes the time and complexity for businesses.

Browse to the Numbers section of the self-service portal. Select “Configure against the DDI you wish to assign and then the chosen service and/or user. 

PSTN calling made easy

We provide straightforward integration in minutes. Sign up for your free channel and get started today.

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