Never Worry About Capacity Again

Callroute sets up an automatically scalable phone system in minutes. Increase calling capacity on demand but without paying to reserve it.


Scale channels automatically

Most businesses experience peaks in demand or unpredictable capacity requirements.

Callroute auto scaling increases the number of channels to match demand so your customers can always contact you. We do this by provisioning up to double your channel capacity automatically (without extra charge) so if demand increases, you have the channels as back up to support your customers.

If you need to scale back down, it’s easy to do in the Callroute portal. Only pay for what you need and always match demand.

Match calling capacity with business demand

Easy-to-use dashboards provide real-time metrics and analysis.

  • Get insights on how your telephony system is performing, how it's being used, and who is using it.
  • View calling capacity and whether you need to scale your channels up or down.


Read more about analytics and reporting.


How it works

Set up an automatically scaleable phone system in minutes. Start for free to see how it works for your business.

Analytics and Reports

Purchase your channels

Once your channel count has been ordered, Callroute will automatically provision double the ordered count.

Superior Call Quality

Auto scaling on demand

If demand increases, you have the channels to support your requirements. If you don’t use them, you will not be charged.

Integrate In Minutes

Change in demand

If demand drops and you no longer need the higher channel count, you can manually reduce these in the Callroute portal.

Number Porting

Monitor channel use

Monitor your channel usage in our simple, easy to use dashboards within the Callroute portal.


By default, you can scale up to double your contracted capacity. You can scale from just a few channels up to thousands for large enterprises and contact centres. There really isn’t a ceiling assuming you say within the double limit.

You can decrease capacity — but it’s not automatic. The core reason for our auto scaling service is to make sure you can meet increases in demand and your customers can always get through. But it’s easy enough to remove channels in your Callroute dashboard.

Yes, however, this is a custom provisioning process and cannot be ordered via the website. Please contact us for more details.

Callroute automatically sets the new paid for capacity at the peak usage count seen in the month autoscaling took place. The new autoscaling limit will also be set at double this new capacity. It is your responsibility as a customer to reduce the channel count in the Callroute portal if this higher limit is not required. However, you will not be charged unless you use the auto scaled channels.

Grow simply without disruption

Auto scaling improves user and customer experiences while simplifying management. Pay for what you use and no-one ever hears a busy tone. Try Callroute for free now.

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