The Information You Need to Stay in Control

Review call records, billing histories, and usage statistics to get the most out of telephony and Teams.

analytics and reporting

Easy to use reporting and analytics

Easy-to-use dashboards provide real-time metrics and analysis.

  • Get insights on how your telephony system is performing, how it's being used, and who is using it.
  • Access actionable takeaways or dig deep into the numbers.

Reports to aid business performance

Performance statistics and KPIs drive decision-making and quality-control. Years of experience in telephony have proven that information is key to a successful phone system. Pair that with insights on Teams usage, and you have powerful data sets to drive efficiency, collaboration and growth.

analytics and reporting

How it works

You need Microsoft Teams and Phone System - that's it. Every channel you enable with Callroute is provided by us - that's how we make the process so easy and let you start for free.

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See the number of channels, look at trends over time, usage by location, and get an overview of other Teams activity.

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Review and sort your phone numbers. Look at location, type, active status, and more. Buy new numbers from the same screen.

integration in minutes


See monthly, quarterly or annual reports, balance histories, latest payments and invoices, along with cost trend analysis.

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We provide the clear telephony data you need to combine that with additional data sets to understand how your entire system is working.


How is reporting enabled?

It's a core tool within the Callroute portal.

Are reports configurable?

Our portal represents years of experience in providing telephony reports and insights. However, you can configure different views and data ranges to pull the most relevant information.

Can I download reports?

Yes, reports can be exported for use in an application of your choice.

Drive efficiencies through data

Unified communication brings the potential for more powerful insights. We take reporting seriously and so should you. Set up your free channel today to see the big picture.

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