Add Intelligence to Your Telephony

Build traditional telephony functionality like hunt groups and call queues then associate them with your DDI’s.

Advanced Call Capabilities

Advanced call capabilities

Callroute offers advanced call features available as part of the Enterprise Callroute package: 

  • Hunt groups 
  • Auto Attendants 
  • Call queues 
  • Manipulate CLI’s 
  • Create call routing rules

Elevate your phone system

If you have ever managed a PBX you’ll be familiar with features that enable you to build logic that customises the phone system for your business. Callroute enables PBX type functionality from the cloud and allows them to be applied across different services integrations. 

Evaluate Your Phone System


This is only available to select customers only at this time.  If you wish to purchase this feature please contact us. 

You’ll need to purchase the Callroute Enterprise package to unlock the Advanced Calling module. You’ll then be free to build your advanced calling feature and assign these to a phone number. 

Advanced calling with your phone system

Increased functionality with Callroute's Enterprise package. Get started free today.

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