Callroute Renews ISO9001 Quality Audit

We have successfully renewed our ISO9001 Quality audit with no non-conformities and no areas for improvement.

What is the ISO9001 Quality audit?

The ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Audit is a globally recognized standard for quality management.

The objective of the assessment was to look for positive evidence to verify that Callroute’s management system conforms to the requirements of the management standard, and demonstrates the ability to support the achievement of statutory, regulatory, and contractual requirements. It also assesses ongoing achievement and applicability of the forward strategic plan.

Feedback from the audit

We received the following feedback from the British Standard’s Institute:

  • “Robust document control evidenced with clearly written procedures.”
  • “Participation, engagement, and levels of awareness were noted to be very good.”
  • “Risks and opportunities documented as part of the QMS/IMS link directly to all the internal and external issues.”
  • “Operational controls for Customer Journey; Onboarding; Service Monitoring & Reporting were fully effective.”
  • “Operational controls for Purchasing & Control of Externally Provided Services were fully effective.”

Benefits To Stakeholders

This audit offers a range of benefits to Callroute’s stakeholders, in particular our customers and partners:

  • Customer confidence: The standard ensures that Callroute has robust quality control processes in place, generating increased customer trust and satisfaction.
  • Effective complaint resolution: ISO 9001 offers guidelines for resolving customer complaints efficiently, contributing to Callroute’s timely and satisfactory problem-solving.
  • Process improvement: The standard helps identify and eliminate inefficiencies, reduce waste, streamline operations, and promote informed decision-making, resulting better outcomes for Callroute stakeholders.
  • Ongoing optimization: Regular audits and reviews encouraged by ISO 9001 enable Callroute to continually refine our quality management systems, stay competitive, and achieve long-term success.

“This audit symbolizes the quality of our standards and processes which play a leading role in delivering our outstanding customer experiences. The feedback we have received reflects the continuous work by the team to ensure we remain certified at a high standard.” Ewan Haig, Chief Executive Officer at Callroute.

Work is already underway to prepare Callroute for our ISO 27001 interim audit in July. Additionally, we are preparing for recertification on ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 audits in 2025.

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