Direct Routing

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Direct Routing

Hybrid Working For Businesses

After the coronavirus pandemic confined so many people to their homes for months on end, the way we work was changed forever. Armed with the

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Direct Routing

Implementing a Hybrid Telephony Strategy

The traditional phone line, otherwise known as a landline when you think about what you have (or had) at home, is still very much common place in the modern business environment. Legacy equipment

PBX Integrations for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is now used by over 60% of organisations, and has been a lifesaver for businesses adapting to social distancing and remote working. Teams

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What’s The Best Business Collaboration Tool?

Teams vs Slack vs Zoom vs GoToMeeting vs Google Hangouts Even before 2020, collaboration tools were considered increasingly fundamental across business landscapes. Now, with companies

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Direct Routing

Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams

How to Unify Your Communication with Teams Today, people are working both together and apart like never before. In April 2020, 47% of the entire