The Hope Hub

Cost effective & scalable charity telephony

The Hope Hub is a registered homeless charity who required a cost effective and scalable Microsoft Teams external calling solution to support their increasing demand following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Key Results

Cost-Effective, Scalable Solution

Cost-effective, scalable solution

The Hope Hub can call externally from Teams at low cost.

Port Existing Numbers

Existing numbers ported

We managed the porting process and purchased new numbers.

The Hope Hub

"As a busy, frontline charity serving those in poverty, we needed an IT infrastructure upgrade to support our growth and demand for services. The solution allows for improved working processes for all members of the charity and can expand as we grow."

Mags Mercer

CEO at The Hope Hub

The Challenge

The Hope Hub is a registered charity committed to preventing and ending homelessness in Surrey and surrounding areas, working closely with Surrey Heath Borough Council, the Police and a range of other businesses to support their community.


The Hope Hub had previously migrated to a Microsoft ecosystem through a Callroute partner, Communications Solutions UK. However, The Hope Hub required a cost-effective, secure and scalable external telephony integration to support their expanding team and heightened service demand following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Low cost solution

As a charity, an improved telephony infrastructure for an increased number of staff members at low costs was important.

No System Downtime

No system downtime

The Hope Hub needed to keep their published phone numbers and continue operating their services seamlessly without downtime.

Security and Privacy

Secure phone calls

A secure external calling solution was required to ensure sensitive and confidential information between key public services was kept secure.

The Solution

One of our Callroute partners, Communications Solutions UK, managed the Callroute solution directly with us on behalf of The Hope Hub to provide a cost-effective external calling solution through Microsoft Teams.

What Is a VOIP Phone System?

We ported all numbers to Callroute

All existing numbers were ported to Callroute without downtime. We managed the entire port from start to finish.

Global Calling

New numbers purchased

11 new numbers were purchased from Callroute to support the charity’s growing team.

Cost-Effective, Scalable Solution

Flexible per channel pricing

Our per channel pricing enabled multiple users to be allocated per phone line rather than paying for every user.

The Results

The Hope Hub have increased their support to their community through their improved telephony set up, and are now providing support to an increased number of service users.

All published phone numbers were ported to Callroute. We managed the entire process, so this was a seamless experience for The Hope Hub.

The Hope Hub now have a cost effective, scalable, and secure calling solution through Microsoft Teams.