Roc Technologies

Cutting Telephony Costs for IT Sector

Roc Technologies have significantly cut telephony costs through our unique pricing approach.

Key Results

40% cost savings

Roc Technologies saved over 40% in telephony costs 

Number Porting

300+ numbers ported

We managed the port of over 300 numbers to Callroute

Roc Technologies

"Callroute managed the porting of a huge quantity of existing numbers to their solution, as well as migrating additional business areas after initial deployment. We were impressed with the significant cost savings we enjoyed as a result, as we now spend 40% less a month on our telephony system."

Brett Everett

Customer Services Director

The Challenge

Roc Technologies are an IT solution and services provider who have been helping customers from a range of industries meet their business goals through technology since 2013. The company are heavy Microsoft Teams users, and previously harnessed external calling through Microsoft’s Calling Plans, in addition to an existing SIP telephony system.

Although Roc was already connected to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) through Teams Calling Plans, this came with significant drawbacks.

Limited functionality

Unlike other solutions, Teams Calling plans have limited capabilities around call recording, call reporting and unified phone numbers.

High telephony costs

Microsoft’s per user charges led to spiraling telephony costs.

The Solution

Callroute’s Direct Routing offers cost savings and greater functionality

With Callroute’s Direct Routing plan for Roc, they now only pay for the capacity they require rather than all users, who don't have the same calling needs.

Over 300 numbers were ported for Roc Technologies 

We also managed the port of their existing Microsoft numbers to our solution. Overall the company now uses 312 telephony numbers through Callroute.

The Results

Roc Technologies now enjoys telephony savings of 40% a month. By allocating multiple users to each channel, Roc Technologies only pay for the capacity they need rather than every user.

The solution was so successful that we’ve now moved onto a second stage of integration, porting additional numbers for the company.