Frankham Consultancy Group

Porting Numbers for Engineering Sector

We managed the full Direct Routing implementation from start to finish including consolidating and porting numbers across multiple locations while tackling existing Microsoft Teams issues.

Key Results

Existing issues resolved

We resolved existing system issues Frankham were experiencing with Microsoft Teams before we started their Callroute integration

Place External Calls Within Teams

361 numbers ported

We managed the number porting of 361 Microsoft owned numbers to Callroute as part of their Direct Routing implementation


"We were hugely impressed with the expertise and time spent by Callroute. They managed the entire service with evident technical expertise, including solving existing set up problems and managing the port of our Microsoft numbers to the Callroute service seamlessly."

Andy White

Group IT Director

The Challenge

Frankham Consultancy Group offers a wide range of design, engineering and consultancy services to the built environment across 10 sectors. They came to us as heavy Microsoft Teams users but weren’t using the software for external calls. Some of the problems they faced were:

Existing Teams issues

Existing Microsoft Teams configuration issues preventing Direct Routing integration

Microsoft owned DDI's

High volumes of Microsoft owned DDI (Direct-Dial-In) numbers requiring number porting

Multiple systems

Multiple telephony systems across different locations with no real unified communication

The Solution

Existing Microsoft Teams issues resolved

Working with their existing IT provider to resolve existing Microsoft Teams configuration issues that were preventing Direct Routing integration

Direct Routing implementation managed from end to end

Managing the Direct Routing implementation from end to end, including number porting across multiple sites to the Callroute service. This enables us to provide seamless implementation unlike other providers that outsource each component, taking significantly longer

Unified communications with telephony cost savings

Multiple users were allocated per channel to meet calling demand offering monthly telephony cost savings compared to Microsoft

The Results

Frankham were so impressed with our Callroute solution that they moved straight to our paid product without a trial. Thanks to our Direct Routing solution, Frankham now enjoys: 

What Is a VOIP Phone System?

361 Microsoft owned numbers ported to Callroute.

Centralises Information

A unified communication and collaboration system enabling calls from Teams across all their locations and devices.

Business Package

Unlimited minutes, global calling and autoscaling as part of our Business package.

Analytics and Reports

Access to all the features of our portal, enabling them to manage billing information, view usage stats, purchase new numbers on demand, and scale channels as required.