Start Mobile Provisioning In Microsoft Teams To Connect Your Entire Business

Start Mobile Provisioning In Microsoft Teams To Connect Your Entire Business 

If you’ve got a team of mobile or frontline workers, you need them to be accessible even in the most challenging of locations. 

They might be emergency workers on call at unsociable hours. They could be delivery drivers en route to hard-to-reach areas. They might be a childcare professional supervising a trip out. 

The common denominator in these quite different job roles is they all must be contactable for emergency scenarios. If the weather turns, for example, drivers must be called back if the ice proves a threat to life. This is a minimum requirement. 

But other basic requirements include simply being contactable for consultation on minor issues, keeping up to date with company information, and simply being in the loop. 

Addressing this requirement has been a major challenge, despite the advances in technology and the proliferation of Microsoft Teams. 

However, today we can happily inform you that provisioning mobile users of Microsoft Teams is simple, cost-effective, and will empower all your users to communicate productively. 

How to provision mobile users in Microsoft Teams 

Provisioning mobile users is a three-step process: 

  1. Activate new users online 
  2. Scan a QR code or download an eSIM 
  3. Start using Callroute Go 

1 – Activate new users online 

Like provisioning any other Teams user, mobile users are going to need basic access to a Teams account. This could be licensed through Microsoft 365 or standalone. You don’t need to do anything different when setting up user credentials here. 

Note: You can use Orto to automate all your Teams user provisioning. 

2 – Scan a QR code or download an eSIM 

If you’re setting up mobile phones on behalf of users, you might find it easier to deploy eSIMs by downloading them device by device. 

Alternatively, you can ask users to scan a QR code, get redirected to the eSIM landing page, and the provisioning process starts on their device automatically. 

Mobile provisioning Microsoft Teams

3 – Start using Callroute Go 

That’s it! Mobile users will now their native mobile dialer with their Microsoft Teams number. 

Of course, they can still use the Teams app for tasks like chats, channels, and meetings. But, when they need genuine cellular access, the mobile device becomes the call enable but retains your Teams phone number. 

That means there’s no mix up between personal and business numbers. And there’s a dramatically reduced risk of mobile workers being uncontactable. 

How does Callroute Go work? 

Callroute Go is an extension of your existing Microsoft Teams Phone number that allows you to make calls from your mobile device using regular cellular network connectivity. 

Callroute Go is an extension of your existing Microsoft Teams Phone number that allows you to make calls from your mobile device using regular cellular network connectivity. 

Keep your direct dial number 

Continue to use your business direct dial number connected to your Teams account. 

Answer calls using Teams or your mobile device 

Answer calls using your Teams client when at your desk and your mobile when on the move. 

No mobile internet required 

Callroute Go uses regular mobile signal so you can answer calls without needing the Teams mobile app or internet. 

Keep your personal & business identities separate 

Make calls from your mobile using your Teams number so that you never give out your personal mobile number. 

Callroute Go connects your mobile phone using an eSIM to Teams so you can use your landline number on your mobile. 

Getting started is simple 

Just follow these four steps…

1 – Enable Teams Phone 

Assign the Teams Phone licenses to your account, then assign yourself a phone number from your provider. 

2 – Enable SIP Gateway 

Enable calling via SIP registered devices on your Teams Calling Policy. 

3 – Pair With Callroute Go 

Use the Callroute Go app to pair your Teams account with Callroute Go. 

4 – Install & Activate Your eSIM 

Scan the QR code to install and activate your eSIM. 

Activating an eSIM for Microsoft Teams Phone

Enable your mobile workforce with Callroute Go 

If you work on the go, having access to consistent internet connectivity isn’t guaranteed. 

Callroute Go enables you to start provisioning mobile users in the blink of an eye, connecting your entire workforce, rather than just those who are based at a desk. 

If you’re a Teams Phone user, why not try Callroute Go free for 14 days? 

Say Go to Callroute Go here. 

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