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Spring Back Into Seamless Workplace and Remote Working

Why The Chancellor Wants a Return to Seamless Workplace and Remote Working

So much was written in 2020 around the future of the workplace. All of our major cities became largely deserted as the government’s policies urged (or legally mandated) businesses to keep their workers at home wherever possible. Until recently, the zeitgeist had become that offices had – in the space of just twelve months – become a thing of the past. We would never return to pre-COVID working practices.

The speed and ease at which so many organisations were able to move their workforce to remote home working created real momentum behind the proposition that our homes would become our offices, our kitchens and collaboration tools, our social lives, and the office would become a rarely used touch down point for meetings or reviews.

But, as we move into 2021, and the economic hangover bubbling from the pandemic begins to create a headache for our immediate and future prosperity as a nation, the mood music from government, Bank of England, and business groups is starting to sound a little bit like the world we were building prior to 2020.

In January, Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor, eying the roll-out of vaccines and the alleviation of restrictions in the Spring, gave business a big hint that he wants businesses to start to recognise the massive economic benefit of their offices, and the beneficial impact people bring when they travel, eat, socialise, and entertain themselves in and around their traditional workplace.

In his interview with City AM, Sunak was keen to promote the vibrancy and buzz of our cities, and that he was “desperate” for “the buzz, the vitality and the creativity” that cities generate, and that he’s “not one of those people that thinks the history book has been written on cities”. That’s fantastic news for businesses who rely on our towns and cities being places for doing business. So as the towns and cities across our country return to being places where businesses want to be, people and businesses will continue to flex their working locations more flexibly than ever before.

At Callroute, our focus has always been to let businesses choose the way they want to work – unconstrained by location or connection, whether they want to call or collaborate with each other. Our Microsoft Teams phone integration offer became one of the platforms that enabled organisations to move rapidly to home working, and with Callroute Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams, our customers were able to create a remote working environment that included that most valuable of communications services, calling.

Because, remote working shouldn’t rely on using personal mobile numbers and ad hoc video conferencing with customers. Standard telephony is ill-equipped to provide flexible remote access quickly or on-demand, or with device flexibility. Traditional remote working and unified communications solutions can also take months to deploy. And if businesses didn’t have months to switch to home working, as the economy starts to move again, the move back to a more flexible working environment is going happen just as quickly.

Suggested reading: For more information on how Callroute can help businesses shift towards unified communication, check out our use cases on remote telephony with your collaboration platform and deploying without disruption.

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As we look to this year, we echo Sunak’s hopes that, “as human beings we’re social animals, we crave that interaction, we like going to theatres, to galleries, to restaurants, to see our friends, to see our work colleagues and have that spark of ideas that happens. I think all of that will come back and it’s a good thing that it does, because it makes our lives richer and our cities greater engines of economic growth.”

It really is time to put the spring in your strategy to create that flexible future we are all so desperate to see return. To see how our solution can help your business, get in touch with our experts or try a free phone line for life with 250 monthly minutes and 1 allocated UK number, no card required.

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