Unassigned Numbers in Microsoft Teams

Managing Unassigned Numbers in Microsoft Teams

Unassigned numbers in Microsoft Teams management has traditionally been a complicated task involving PowerShell. Recently, Microsoft have announced the support for this in their Teams Admin Center. This will no doubt please a lot of customers and will simplify the management of unassigned numbers going forward. What are the use cases for managing unassigned numbers […]

How To Block Calls In Microsoft Teams

How to Block Teams Call-01

Spam calls, cold calls, scam calls are all on the rise and even more so with the explosion of cloud based telephone systems available. It can severly disrupt work and also encourage anxiety with the victim. In this article, we discuss how to block calls in Microsoft Teams. How big is the problem? – It’s […]

UC Expo 12-13 Oct 2022 – London, UK

Callroute is at UC Expo in London 2022

Callroute are pleased to be exhibiting at UC Expo again. UC Expo is the largest Unified Communications conference in Europe. Each year UC Expo attracts thousands of professionals within the communications industry to come together and network with the most influential vendors in the business. It is the conference you should make time for and […]

Calculating The Cost of Microsoft Teams Pay As You Go Calling

calculating the cost of microsoft teams payg

Microsoft released Pay as you go (PAYG) calling plans for Microsoft Teams in August 2022. This is a significant development for Microsoft UC centric customers. Previously, the only option for going all-in with Microsoft as the telco where limited to calling plans with bundled minutes. When Microsoft bundled minute calling plans where released, the industry’s […]

Microsoft Teams Dial By Extension


It is common in larger organisations for users to have internal extension numbers rather than direct dial numbers. The reason is more often down to cost as direct dial (DDI) numbers are rented on a monthly basis from the telecoms service provider. Although the cost of renting a DDI can be as low as £1 […]

Top 5 Reasons The Microsoft Teams Dialpad Doesn’t Appear


You’ve assigned all the correct licenses for Microsoft Teams to enable enterprise voice. But for some reason, the Teams dialpad doesn’t appear for the user. In this article we are going to explore some of the top 5 reasons why this might occur and how you can fix them. What does the Dialpad enable users […]

Microsoft Teams Voice Is Down! What Are Your Options?

microsoft teams voice is down. What are your options?

Outages do happen. There is no escaping this fact. However, with the increasing reliance on cloud communications for businesses, these cloud solutions need to be resilient against such failures. Microsoft Teams is no exception. Microsoft have built perhaps one of the most fault resistant cloud communication platforms in the World with multi-geo failover built in. […]

What’s The Best VoIP Phone System For Small Businesses?

man in blue and white plaid shirt using macbook pro

VoIP phone systems are becoming all the rage in the corporate world. In the US alone, the number of VoIP business lines grew from 6.2 million to 41.6 million between 2010 and 2018. This trend is expected to continue, with the value of the global VoIP market predicted to skyrocket from £14.5 billion 2018 to £40 billion […]

Hybrid Working For Businesses

woman in white shirt using smartphone

After the coronavirus pandemic confined so many people to their homes for months on end, the way we work was changed forever. Armed with the knowledge and experience that working from home can improve their lives in many ways, more workers have started demanding permanent flexibility, and most employers are more than happy to oblige.  According […]