About Callroute

Callroute completes Microsoft Teams, integrating secure, quality calling and advanced voice features in minutes. Learn more about our story and where it all began.

Our mission to make
Teams work

We believe that people work best when technology doesn’t get in the way. That’s why we built Callroute.

Callroute seamlessly integrates any telephony system with Teams in minutes. Get advanced features deployed without any new hardware directly from our cloud platform.

Turn Microsoft Teams into a complete communication and collaboration platform for your business and ensure that your people can work, collaborate and communicate from anywhere, using familiar devices and interfaces.


A bit of history

From an idea to growth.

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Where it all started

Business collaboration tools have transformed how we communicate, but they’ve also complicated our lives. Legacy channels like telephony haven’t kept up, and having a different platform for texts, calls, file sharing and more dilutes data and confuses access. Particularly in customer-facing environments, these tools simply don’t deliver.

We saw first hand the benefit of integrating real telephony with one of these platforms, knowing that it would open the door to centralising all communication on one platform.

decision making

A decision point

In early 2020, companies everywhere suddenly changed the way they approach collaboration, both internally and externally. The pressure this placed on disjointed collaboration platforms made us decide that we had to act. We’d identified both a market opportunity and existing technology limitations, and we knew that we had the background needed to help.

putting tech at test

Putting the technology to the test

Callroute is a sipsynergy company — providing systems, technology and solutions to telephony and IT resellers, ISPs, systems integrators and distributors. This background put us in a great position to develop a simple yet flexible integration process.

Our research showed that Microsoft Teams has become the collaboration platform of choice. In our effort to help centralise business collaboration, we decided to focus our energy on Teams and start building a solution that would work.

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Ready to grow

Fast forward a couple of months, Callroute is live. We believe that Microsoft Teams will only increase in adoption, but it needs calling capabilities to be the collaboration platform it promises. Integration with existing telephony infrastructure can deliver a better choice, and empower businesses that want Microsoft Teams to be the default. Making Teams Work is what Callroute is all about.

Expertise and credentials

What makes us different.

telephony specialists

Market leading telephony business

Callroute is a sipsynergy company, an established player in the VOIP market. The team behind Callroute are experts in telephony and collaboration at heart. Callroute was born with a mission to create a true collaboration experience for businesses.


Making Teams Work

We’ve designed the first platform specifically built to help you integrate Microsoft Teams into any telephony system in minutes. Callroute allows you to make and receive calls from non-Teams users using the familiar Microsoft Teams apps, meaning your people can work from anywhere with superior call quality and productivity.

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Real integration

We didn’t want to provide another “bolt-on” service or shortcut that leaves your struggling to achieve real unified communication. To be clear, there are no third-party apps in the background or quick-launch buttons. Your calls are placed and received within Teams and you get to keep all of your information centralised and simple. Our mission is to deliver a complete platform and make Teams work.

Our mission

What we believe in.

Our mission

We make technology work for users. Our mission is to empower people to be more effective and help them to do more, be better and go further. We are progressive and constantly innovating to pioneer new features, approaches and technologies. Our mission is to make Teams work.

Corporate social responsibility

At Callroute, we are committed to managing our impact on customers, suppliers, communities and other business stakeholders while making a sustainable difference.

Our team

All of our knowledge, expertise and responsibility is in-house, including marketing, sales and product development. Meet the Callroute talent.

Toby Gold
Toby Gold

CEO at Callroute, driving Callroute’s strategic and cultural growth.

Barnaby Ritchley
Barnaby Ritchley

CTO at Callroute, responsible for delivering cutting edge technology development.

Andy Smith_
Andy Smith

Marketing Director, responding to market needs.